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Le dernier acte

Compagnie Virginie Brunelle

In this new opus, Virginie draws her inspiration from the ethical dilemmas of our society, taking us to places where we can regain some of our humanity. 

Virginie Brunelle aims to move, inspire and remind us of the transformative power of fraternity and solidarity in an increasingly divided and tormented world. How can we triumph over our fears, and what can we hold on to in the face of human stupidity? In Le dernier acte, Virginie explores the deep bonds that unite us and the resilience that emerges when we face challenges together. She reveals the natural need to find balance in our relationships with others, exploring power dynamics, cooperation, strength and fragility, from which mutual trust can emerge.

The continuous work of portés creates a series of living tableaux exploring levels, forms, effort and limits in a composition where time unfolds through tension, release and momentum, as well as pauses, breaths, perspiration and muscular tremors. The movement, always authentic and raw, translates the complicity that unites the performers and the contrasts that make them complementary elements in a harmonious union. Le dernier acte features five dancers embodying a fused group, their choreography tracing dazzling attacks and outbursts, like a vibrant battle for love and solidarity, a cry from the heart in the face of the slow erosion of their human condition.  



Choreographer Virginie Brunelle Dancers Sophie Breton, Isabelle Arcand, Milan Panet-Gigon, Alexandre Carlos, Evelynn Yan, and Cai Glover Costumes Virginie Brunelle Technical director François Marceau


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