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CAPAS takes its role in the environment's sustainability seriously, so that the performing arts can continue to flourish in a healthy environment and leave a viable future for generations to come. In order to address environmental issues in a constructive manner, we have adopted an eco-responsible approach to all our activities.


Our commitment to sustainablity is based on cross-functional actions that consider ecoresponsibility from health, justice, economic and community perspectives. To make this vision a reality, we raise awareness and encourage our employees, partners and customers to adopt sustainable practices.


Our commitment is expressed through tangible, long-term sustainability targets, which are adapted to each of CAPAS's business sectors.


Innovate and engage in dialogue by creating opportunities to learn, test ideas with our peers and take consistent action.

Involve artistic practice by encouraging our artists and partners to develop projects that respect the environment.

Informing our community about eco-responsibility to raise awareness as individuals, professionals and citizens.

Rethink mobility by optimizing our international tours from a sustainable perspective.

Integrate eco-responsibility into everyday life by creating a healthy living environment for our employees.





Achieving these objectives means constantly updating our organization, from its internal management to its deliverables.




Workplace design: improve our living and working spaces to make them user-friendly, collaborative and eco-responsible.

Procurement: promote the integration of environmental and social considerations in the acquisition of goods and services.

Carbon neutrality: assess our carbon footprint and offset it by purchasing carbon credits in Quebec.

Employee commitment: encourage our staff to start eco-responsible initiatives.

Events: organize events with the smallest environmental footprint possible, in line with the means at our disposal.

Financial management: promote financial choices in line with our environmental commitments.

Business and partnerships: combine our sustainability considerations with our concern for social equity.

Health: encourage physical activity and healthy eating. 

Transportation: support active, collective and ecological modes of transportation.

Through our ties with the artistic and cultural world, we interact with organizations and individuals involved in social debate: we make it our duty to put this proximity to good use. In this way, our staff brings our commitment to bear in their mandates, being called upon to :



Proactively adopt eco-responsible behaviors;

Support our partners and customers in implementing long-term eco-responsible initiatives;

Keep abreast of advances in sustainable development and motivate our partners and customers to update their practices accordingly;

Disseminate reliable information related to our sectors of activity in order to urge the community's reflection on ecoresponsibility.

eco-responsibility policy

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