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Agence Mickaël Spinnhirny becomes CAPAS • Label de danse

Agence Mickaël Spinnhirny – known for its representation, strategy, and management services in the contemporary dance scene—is transforming into CAPAS • Dance Label.

Drawing inspiration from the concept of record labels, the organization fully embraces its multifaceted mission to equip artists and democratize choreographic art. With over 1000 performances showcased worldwide, the proudly Francophone organization underscores its commitment to further engaging in keeping dance flexible, current, and close to audiences.

We wanted to better express our identity, as unique as it is plural, as rigorous as it is flexible. The idea of the label reconciles all of this, by embracing the rebellious and creative soul of our organization. - Lydie Revez, Co-Director of CAPAS

Dance Label: Rigor at a Single Address

In the vein of music labels, CAPAS • Dance Label supports talents that align with its artistic vision: choreographic works with precision as well as innovation. Whether by supporting Quebec artists in the creation and dissemination of their works, assisting local programmers in producing tours of international companies, or supporting companies in their administrative and marketing endeavors, CAPAS facilitates encounters among stakeholders in the sector to advance toward a common goal: showcasing talent. Its catalog features emerging and established companies, both local and international: Ballets Jazz Montréal, Cas Public, Compagnie Marie Chouinard, Compagnie Virginie Brunelle, Côté Danse, Destins Croisés, tanzmainz, La Parenthèse - Christophe Garcia, and many others

Agence Mickaël Spinnhirny has never been just one person: it's a dedicated team. With CAPAS • Dance Label, we better express the entirety of the talents that constitute the organization. - Mickaël Spinnhirny, Co-Director of CAPAS

One Label, Two Fields of Action

CAPAS translates its commitment into two strands, each deploying two missions, to better meet the needs of its sector: CAPAS • Shows—serving as artists' agent and producer of shows and tours, and CAPAS • Services—supporting organizations in their administrative and marketing tasks. The sleek and minimalist new branding created in-house unifies these complementary expertise in one gesture.

5 Years of Existence, 36 Years of Experience

With 10 years of experience as an agent and 26 years as a cultural worker respectively, Mickaël Spinnhirny and Lydie Revez co-founded the Agence Mickaël Spinnhirny in 2018. Since then, the organization has had the privilege of collaborating with over 50 local and international partners. Present on two continents, CAPAS tours its artists in both Europe and Canada. Its first production—La question des fleurs (2020)—was a finalist for the RIDEAU 2021 touring award, while its second—Minuit quelque part (2024)—was funded by the Ministry of Culture and Communications and announces a tour in over 30 cities. Lydie Revez and Mickaël Spinnhirny were jointly awarded the Prix du gestionnaire culturel aux Prix de la Danse de Montréal 2022.


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