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CAPAS signs the identity of FUTUR DANSE, an initiative by La danse sur les routes du Québec.

In the context of a successful collaboration, CAPAS • Dance Label, an innovative player in the field of contemporary dance in Quebec, is proud to announce its significant contribution to shaping the brand identity of the FUTUR DANSE project. This initiative, led by La danse sur les routes du Québec, aims to provide a unique platform for the promotion and discovery of emerging talents.

With a commitment deeply rooted in innovation and creativity, CAPAS has played a key role in developing the communication and marketing strategy of the project. Our team has taken charge of drafting promotional texts, coordinating photo and video sessions, and orchestrating the digital marketing campaign, thereby providing the artists featured on the platform with a comprehensive first professional experience in marketing.

In this context, CAPAS has designed and developed a dedicated microsite for the FUTUR DANSE project: This online platform serves as a showcase for the project, directing visitors' interest towards these incredible talents by discovering their works and the various facets of this initiative.

FUTUR DANSE, under the auspices of La danse sur les routes du Québec, realizes the shared mission of our two organizations to promote the evolution and diversification of contemporary dance in Quebec. With this collaboration, CAPAS reaffirms its commitment to supporting artists and promoting innovation in the art of dance.

We invite you to visit the FUTUR DANSE microsite to learn more about this pioneering initiative and to support the future of dance:


CAPAS is a renowned dance label known for its commitment to innovation and creativity in dance. Founded by visionaries of contemporary dance, CAPAS aims to push the boundaries of artistic expression and promote the evolution of dance worldwide.


La danse sur les routes du Québec is a specialized network of artists, agents, companies, and presenters working to increase the dissemination of dance. Through its multiple activities and programs, La DSR contributes to the development of dance in Quebec, Canada, and internationally by fostering audience development through its numerous programs and services.


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