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Replica - Andrea Peña

Andrea Peña & Artists

World Premiere


A Rum För Dans (Sweden) - Baerum Kulturhus (Norway) and Agora de la danse (Canada) coproduction


RSVP for the World Premiere of AP&A’s REPLICA in September 2024

A discussion, a Meet & Greet and other professional activities will be hosted prior to the show.

Replica - Andrea Peña


In the artificial and natural realm of REPLICA, performers Frederique Rodier and Jean-Benoit Labrecque embark on a profound exploration of the history of the replica, delving into the essence of representation of the body through time. This choreographic odyssey unfolds as a captivating archeology of movement through a scenographic garden of eden that unveils the metaphorical layers that encapsulate the complexities and nuances of the human form across ages. In this immersive experience that transforms the stage into a living canvas, the audience is confronted with picturesque states of transformation, mirroring and disturbing a form of sculptural rigor. REPLICA becomes a playground that explores the innocence and cruelty woven into the fabric of our collective fascination with the copy. 

Artistic Direction Andrea Peña
Choreography Andrea Peña in collaboration with Frederique Rodier,

Jean-Benoit Labrecque and James Phillips
Performers Frederique Rodier and Jean-Benoit Labrecque
Choreographic assistant Francois Richard
Rehearsal Advisor Helen Simard, Emily Gualtari
Music composition Felix Gourd (Eƨƨe Ran)
Lighting Design and Visual Dramaturgy Hugo Dalphond
Scenography Andrea Peña in collaboration with Jonathan Saucier
Producer Polina Boltova
Technical Director Conrad St-Gelais
Images Jeanne Tétreault
Video Agustina Isidori

Andrea Peña & Artists (AP&A) is a millennial company that believes in the possibilities of crafting new imaginaries in choreographic and performing arts. The company merges the universes of choreography and design; a multidisciplinary company that creates performative universes that challenge notions of a sensible humanity through political yet abstract creations which transform conceptual research into theatrical larger ensemble installations. Led by a bi-cultural artist, AP&A’s works bring forward interwoven Latin American philosophies and inclusive values to carve space for the futuring of finding unity through our complexity and diversity, thus perpetually encouraging collisions between heterogeneous fields, disciplines and individuals. We aim to democratize the choreographic process as public sources for experimentation and collective knowledge creation.


Andrea Peña


REPLICA was born thanks to the convergence of three visionary institutions: Rum för Dans in Sweden, Bærum Kulturhus in Norway and CAPAS • Dance Label in Quebec, Canada. The Swedish and Norwegian co-producers have mobilized under the coordination of the label between 2022 and 2023 to offer residencies and the best creative conditions for Andrea Peña & Artists to create this profound and mesmerizing new show. The two-year international collaboration has also enabled an exchange of dramaturgical and choreographic knowledge between Quebec and Scandinavian countries, leading AP&A to play an active role as a conduit for culture. The three organizations are now proud to present the fruit of this bilateral partnership.

This pilot project now paves the way for future cultural reciprocity initiatives between Canada, Sweden and Norway, re-imagining the circulation of dance works around the world. The project was made possible thanks to funding from the Ministère de la culture et des communications du Québec and the Nordic Council of Ministers. The Montreal premiere will be presented at the Agora de la danse in March 2025.


Rum för Dans

Rum för Dans presents contemporary dance to the Halland audience, contributes to the development and renewal of the art area and at the same time creates work opportunities for dance artists and others in the industry. Since 2011, Region Halland, Kungsbacka Municipality and Falkenberg Municipality have invested in this mobile institution for dance. Rum för Dans is one of the parties in the Dansnät Sweden tour network.


Bærum Kulturhus

Bærum Kulturhus is one of Norway's leading venues featuring a strong program that manages to bridge local talent with major international acts. Contemporary dance and nouveau cirque has been a pillar of Bærum Kulturhus' activities over the last decade. Currently recognized as one of the genre's leading stages in Norway, Bærum Kulturhus has staged applauded performances by such major international companies and choreographers as Batsheva, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Compagnie Käfig & Mourad Merzouki and Circus Cirkör.

CAPAS • Dance Label

Founded by Lydie Revez and Mickaël Spinnhirny, CAPAS is the first dance label. Proudly Francophone and independent in North America, CAPAS defends, produces, promotes, and supports professional dance artists in order to showcase choreographic excellence both in Quebec and internationally. The label supports talents that align with its artistic vision by offering them production, marketing, promotion, and distribution services to bring their unique signature to their audiences.


Logo CAC


RSVP for the World Premiere of AP&A’s REPLICA in September 2024

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