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Propelling the dance that inspires us

By selecting artists who thrill it, a label creates a strong and recognizable identity that facilitates dialogue with its network of programers.

Being an agent: A story of passion

Just like the profession of an artist or a programming director, being an agent is based on personal convictions and a thorough approach. While it requires excellent knowledge of the mechanics of the sector and maintaining an extensive network of contacts, the heart of the practice lies in passion. To defend a show, one must firmly believe in it, be ready to boast about it to presenters and institutions, in the face of allies and competitors alike. To elevate a performer or a choreographer above the rest, one must be willing to support them wholeheartedly with all one's strength.

Dance at the core of our label

CAPAS • Dance Label has thus been built on such fervor: dance. Founded by a career dancer and a cultural manager well-established in the sector, CAPAS carries movement in its DNA. It has thus built a range of artists and works in contemporary and neo-classical dance. Even when CAPAS includes other disciplines, they are proposals that have a focus on movement and its expression of the world and its issues. Thus, as well as an artistic approach, CAPAS's mandate of representation must be consistent with its guiding principle: to promote innovation and talent in dance locally and internationally.

Seeking the emotion of the move

Our agents will therefore seek works that align with their own backgrounds, affinities, and perceptions. Thus, Daphnée and Mickaël - through their educational and professional backgrounds as contemporary ballet performers - have developed particular requirements in terms of technique, virtuosity, and body engagement. In the world of classical ballet, emotion shines through exceptional technique, a perfection that evokes wonder. Conversely, contemporary dance is based on emotion dictating technique, relying on raw feeling that makes the body more expressive and authentic. At the confluence of these two approaches, Daphnée and Mickaël are interested in works that have refined movement and visceral emotion in a proposal where form and substance are equally polished.

For a complementary and substantial offering

Once the spark is ignited in the eyes of our agents, it is still necessary for the represented companies to complement each other to provide an offering that expresses the label's personality. Thus, the works should not compete with each other to facilitate the representation of each of them and avoid giving the impression of favoritism, in case one proposal is more popular than another.

For the young audience, CAPAS represents both proposals for babies and adolescents, both with an educational and poetic sight. For the adult audience, the works adopt both accessible and more niche forms, on ice or for large stages, from emerging or experienced artists, grand productions or more intimate ones. Together, these proposals form a recognizable coherence within the network that CAPAS has built over the years. Because while it is the duty of our agents to stay abreast of current creations to renew their offering, it is above all necessary to analyze how a chosen proposal can fit into the territory mapped out by the label.

By joining forces with companies that produce shows with a recognizable signature, CAPAS ensures that it continues to offer novelties that meet both the needs of the network and the passion of the agents. However, Daphnée and Mickaël continue to seek out new talents and ideas to defend, which resonate with their own vision of dance. This is the essence of the agent's profession: cultivating both continuity and innovation.


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