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Founded by Lydie Revez and Mickaël Spinnhirny, CAPAS is the first dance label in Canada. Proudly French-speaking and independent in North America, CAPAS represents, produces, promotes and supports professional dance in order to propel its excellence everywhere. The label supports talents who align with its artistic vision by offering them production, marketing, promotion and touring services to bring their signature to their audiences. CAPAS is committed to integrating the interests of the artists it defends into an ecosystem that it is helping to develop, by also supporting dance institutions in their strategic, promotional and administrative needs.

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dance label

Like music labels, CAPAS • Label de danse identifies and supports artists and creators in order to develop and export their talent. Aware of the sector in which it operates, the label extends its services to any organization or individual working to make dance accessible and sustainable.

CAPAS - spectacles defends the interests of artists and companies in front of national and international distribution networks, to ensure the circulation of their shows. The label also creates works geared towards the democratization of choreographic art, and produces local tours of international artists to meet the needs of programmers, the ambitions of artists and the desires of audiences.

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CAPAS • services offers various services to support dance artists, companies and organizations in their management tasks: accounting, grant applications, bookkeeping, financial statements, budgets, etc. CAPAS implements different communication and strategic solutions to equip the dance sector to promote their projects: visual identity, brand image, website, audits, marketing strategies, etc.

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CAPAS wishes to create and participate in unifying projects for its artists and for its community. This commitment splits into two complementary divisions, each with their specific fields of action:


Within our team and with our artists and partners, we promote open discussion, involvement, mutual assistance and transparency to benefit from the pooling of experiences and expertise.


Aware of the current speed at which society changes, CAPAS wishes to remain agile to offer proactive and realistic solutions as a response to emerging issues.


To ensure a collaborative climate, we value openness, fairness and inclusion in a safe and attentive environment that does not tolerate any form of ostracism.


Rigor and excellence are at the heart of all CAPAS processes, both from an artistic and administrative point of view, with personalized support down to the smallest detail.


In a balance between productivity, progress and pleasure, we encourage the research and realization of new ideas while taking into account the time and resources offered by our team, artists and partners.


After nearly 10 years of experience as agent and more than 26 years as administrator, Mickaël Spinnhirny and Lydie Revez co-founded CAPAS in 2018 – formerly known as Agence Mickaël Spinnhirny. During its six years of existence, the organization has adapted its offer according to the needs of its clientele in the face of the evolving challenges of an ever-changing society. Initially focused on artist representation, administration, production support and touring logistics, CAPAS has diversified its activities in order to support artists, companies and institutions in their taming of digital challenges by offering redesigns of brand images, website creation, communication support and workshops. CAPAS now has more than 1,000 shows presented around the world and collaborates with nearly 50 companies and organizations from here and elsewhere in order to perpetuate dance and its ability to move people.

Lydie Revez & Mickaël Spinnhirny
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