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BOW’T TRAIL Retrospek

Rhodnie Désir

A powerful journey through Afro-descendant dances and rhythms of the Americas.

With powerful energy, the choreographer-performer lets herself flow through the flow of 140 testimonies collected from seven lands in the Americas, from specialists from Black communities. To draw on the history of those who, coming or deported from Africa, deployed an unparalleled polyrhythmic language, she transposes these testimonies into gestures. Carried by two live maestros and enveloped in video images of the protagonists of these peoples of Martinique, Brazil, Canada, New Orleans, Mexico and Haiti - where she is from -, with and for whom she conceived this opus, the performance of the remarkable dancer Rhodnie Désir here redoubles with emotional lightning. It is an archaeological, anthropological and artistic excavation. It is both dark moon and solar.


Choreography, interpretation, artistic direction and vocal compositions Rhodnie Désir Musicians Engone Endong & Jahsun Video design Manuel Chantre Lighting design Juliette Dumaine Lighting design Jonathan Barro Costume design Mélanie Ferrero Beatmaker, sound composer Engone Endong Senior artistic consultation Philip Szporer Creative accompanist sabelle Poirier



Atelier de Paris

6 juin 2023



Festival international d'Alger

11 mars 2023




22 septembre 2022


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