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Ayelen Parolin

ZONDER is an immersion in an unpredictable forest, a journey through improbable landscapes and absurd situations and relationships. 

Contrary to the Cartesian imperative that everything be methodically thought out, measured and certified, Ayelen Parolin prefers to defend a theory of imperfection, where composition and decomposition merrily intertwine to better welcome uncertainty, error and accident as paths to other possibilities - to the unthought.

Articulating, disarticulating and re-articulating dance between performers, constructing, deconstructing and reconstructing choreography: ZONDER plunges you into the unexpected and the astonishing through the absurd outdoorsy adventures of these three exuberant, engaging and sensitive human beings. Exaltation, exuberance, excess - these are the crazy ways in which this trio builds its mechanism of cumulative contamination and alteration. Referring in particular to Dadaism, the artist offers a new opus that is both funny and serious, wobbly and confident, nightmarish and joyful, full of connivance and ambivalence.


Premiere on October 12, 2023 during the Biennale de Charleroi Danse

A project by Ayelen Parolin Created and performed by Piet Defrancq, Naomi Gibson, Daan Jaartseveld Artistic collaboration Julie Bougard Technical direction, lighting design Laurence Halloy Sound design Julie Bougard after Johann Strauss's Le Beau Danube Bleu Set and costume design Marie Szersnovicz Lighting design Laurence Halloy or Gaspar Schelck Stage design Ondine Delaunois or Gaspar Schelck Sound design Ondine Delaunois or Gaspar Schelck Dramaturgy Olivier Hespel Work preparation Daniel Barkan, Alessandro Bernardeschi, Michael Schmid

Production RUDA asbl / Coproductions Théâtre National Wallonie Bruxelles, Charleroi Danse, Le Manège - Scène Nationale Reims, SurMars Mons, Le Théâtre de Liège, Atelier de Paris / CDCN Set and costume design by the set and costume workshops of Théâtre National Wallonie Bruxelles. With the support of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Wallonie-Bruxelles International In coproduction with La Coop asbl and Shelter Prod. With the support of, ING and the Belgian federal government's tax-shelter.



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