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Les racines de la nuit

Destins Croisés

Inspired by Destins Croisés' new creation Le sacre de Lila, take a journey with the dance company through this dancing conference combining live performances, documentary video and an interview with choreographer Ismaël Mouaraki! What is a lila ceremony? Ismaël and the artists behind the show take you on an intimate voyage into the world of nocturnal healing ceremonies and trance rituals, with a contemporary choreographic approach. In this storytelling trip to the heart of Morocco, Ismaël Mouaraki evokes the symbolism of sacred gesture and spirituality through dance. Meet the dancers and experience this transformative and inspiring work through their movements. Les racines de la nuit is a captivating invitation to experience dance up close, and to get to know that stranger right in front of us.


60 minutes

4 dancers 

1 choreographer 

1 host


1 projector

1 screen

4 microphones

1 dance mat ideally

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