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Burn Baby, Burn

Côté Danse

Acclaimed dancer and choreographer Guillaume Côté presents his latest creation for nine dancers Burn Baby, Burn.

In the intricate dance of life, there's a prolonged performance, a metaphorical Burn Baby, Burn, where our collective actions fuel the rise in global temperature. This dance reflects humanity's reluctance to confront climate change, captivating yet carrying dangerous consequences.

The dance is captivating, intoxicating, and truly enjoyable, portraying beauty amidst its fiery chaos. It's like watching a mesmerizing explosion, both strangely beautiful and tragically compelling.

While this fire may consume aspects of our civilization, it might ultimately be a positive shift, acknowledging our harmful impact on the planet. The idea of fire as a symbol of passion and intensity is woven throughout the performance, reminding us of the power within us to spark change, but also the danger of letting it spiral out of control.

Nine performers captivate the audience with their dynamic range of movements that encompass extreme physicality, serene delicacy, untamed exuberance, and moments of levity.

Informed by his classical ballet vocabulary, Côté’s choreography contours space with resonant geometries and fervent human connections. Contemporary lines and forms with a sleek edge and refined athleticism give his work a bracing quality.


Year of creation: 2024

60 minutes

9 dancers


Pre-hanging required

 8 hours set-up

 2 hours strike


11 personnes en tournée

11 chambres simples


All audiences

Workshop available

Post-show discussion

why program this show?

  • New work by an internationally acclaimed artist
  • Abrasive work tackling a burning issue
  • Impeccable virtuosity and technique
  • Contemporary ballet for lovers of beauty and reflection


Choreographer Guillaume Côté Assistant and rehearsal director Anisa Tejpar Original music Amos Ben-Tal, OFFProjects Costumes design Yso South Lighting design Simon Rossiter Producer Etienne Lavigne Dancers Demetri Apostolopoulos, Jessica Germano, Martha Hart, Kevin Lau, Griffen Grice, Willem Sadler, Katherine Semchuk, Evan Webb, Carleen Zouboules



Festival des Arts

2 août 2024


Côté Danse

Guillaume Côté

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