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In My Body

Crazy Smooth

Choreographer Crazy Smooth brings together 9 formidable street dancers aged from 24 to 58 in a manifesto of self-transcendence.

Between stunts and vigorous impulses, b-boys and b-girls seem invincible. But what happens to their omnipotence when knees buckle and physical forces shift? Choreographer Crazy Smooth sheds light on the taboo of the aging body by inviting 9 formidable street dancers aged from 24 to 58 to occupy the stage with body and soul.

In the kind of energetic magma we associate with authentic breaking competitions, Crazy Smooth shakes up the lines of street dance to show the other side of our body: its maturity and its limits. Moving from fluid group constructions to vibrantly complex duets and solos, the performers grab hold of each other and help one another out as a microcosm of a supportive community. Punctuated by documentary fragments, life stories and spoken word, In My Body makes transmission visible, from the elders guardians of memory to the bubbling youth. B-boy for life.


Year of creation: 2022

60 minutes

9 dancers


Pre-hanging required

8 hours set-up

3 hours strike


15 people on tour

2 double rooms

11 single rooms


All Audiences

Workshop available

Discussion after the show

why program this show?

  • Dazzling performance by Canada's leading street dance company
  • Dynamic, exhilarating and dazzling
  • Powerful work with a lucid look at intergenerationality
  • Appeals to urban dance connoisseurs and prowess enthusiasts alike 


A production of Center de Création O Vertigo – CCOV Choreography Crazy Smooth Choreography assistance and rehearsal direction Saxon Fraser Interpretation Jayson Collantes + Mark Collantes + DKC Freeze + Miss Marie Monsta + Nubian Néné + Julie Rock + Crazy Smooth + Tash + Vibz Outside view Melly Mel Original music DJ Shash'U Text Alejandro Rodriguez Costumes Sonya Bayer + Melly Mel Lights Chantal Labonté Dramaturgical consulting Sophie Michaud Interpretation and social media coordination Anyo Multimedia design and scenography Xavier Mary + Thomas Payette (mirari) Creative programming Charles-Éric Gandubert ( The interactive box) Production direction André Houle – CCOV Technical direction Jarrett Bartlett Video direction Samuel Boucher Tour direction Claire Bourdin Translation of surtitles Elaine Normandeau Operation of surtitles Sandrine Kwan Co-production Bboyizm + CanDanse creation fund + Banff Center for Arts and Creativity + Brian Webb Dance Company (Edmonton) + Yukon Arts Center (Whitehorse) + dance Immersion (Toronto) + Canadian Stage (Toronto) Development with the support of the National Creative Fund of the National Arts Center (Ottawa) Creation at the Timms Center for the Arts, Edmonton, March 4, 2022



Festival des Arts

1 août 2024




26 juillet 2024



South Bank

20 juillet 2024



South Bank

19 juillet 2024



South Bank

18 juillet 2024



Crazy Smooth

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