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RD Créations

The company's founder wants her work to be the voice of the voiceless, and therefore in direct contact with the communities from which she draws her inspiration. Whether through choreographic works, conferences or cultural outreach initiatives, the company leaves behind traces of social archives; a legacy testifying to the riches at the very source of its inspiration. Rhodnie Désir believes in the potential of multiplying media around a single choreographic work, and seeks to make them evolve according to the social realities of the cultures it encounters.

In 2020, the company is awarded the Prix Envol by the Prix de la danse de Montréal, as well as the renowned Grand Prix awarded to Rhodnie Désir for the excellence of her work BOW'T TRAIL Rétrospek and the scope of her international career. In January 2021, Rhodnie Désir is chosen as one of New York Dance Magazine's “25 to watch”. In April 2021, she is also nominated by APAP for the prestigious career award The Award of Merit for achievement in the performing arts. In 2022, she received the “Dancer of the Year” award at the Gala Dynastie, and became the very first Artiste Associée of the renowned Place des Arts institution in Montreal for a three-year pilot project. The same year, she was honored by the Dance Collection Danse (DCD) Hall of Fame with the Sandra Faire Next Generation Award.

Rhodnie Désir

Rhodnie Désir has created some twenty choreographic works. Her landmark piece BOW'T TRAIL Rétrospek and her pioneering memoir BOW'T TRAIL have earned her two Prix de la danse de Montréal (2020): the Envol Prize and the coveted Grand Prix de la danse. Rhodnie Désir's Afro-contemporary documentary choreography is rooted in African and Afro-descendant rhythmic languages, from her native Haiti to the rest of the Caribbean, via Central and Sub-Saharan Africa. A performer of remarkable power and uncompromising integrity, she surprises by her great connectivity to the human. Her unique approach, her words, her performances and her civic actions have earned her strong international recognition, and have made her a guest speaker at numerous organizations and universities, as well as at UNESCO, among others. 

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BOW’T TRAIL Retrospek


BOW’T TRAIL Retrospek

6 juin 2023


Atelier de Paris


BOW’T TRAIL Retrospek

11 mars 2023


Festival international d'Alger


BOW’T TRAIL Retrospek

22 septembre 2022




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